Places to Visit

Salasardham is basically famous for Balaji Temple which attracts a large number of devotees from all over India.Some of the interesting places to visits are :

  • The Temple : The temple of Salasar Balaji was initially a hut. Gradually if was developed in concrete. The great pilgrimage of India. Every desire of devotee is fulfilled by Lord Balaji. More than lacs of devotees reach here every year.
  • Around the Temple
    • Dhunia of Mohandas ji : The holy fire lit by great devotee Mohandasji is still burning. The devotees take holy ashes from here. It’s the Balaji temple.
    • Sri Mohan Mandir : Near Balaji temple. The foot print of Mohandasji and Kanidadi is here. This is Samadhi Sthal of both holy devotees. The continuous Ramayan reading is running for eight years.
    • Akhand Hari Kirtan : In the temple premises of Lord Balaji. Akhand Hari Kirtan (Chanting of the name of Rama) is continuing for 20 years.
    • Temple of Anjani Mata : Anjani Mata was mother of Lord Hanuman of Balaji. Her holy temple is situated two kilometers away from Salasar Dham toward Luxmangarh Road.
    • Two Bullock Cart : Two Bullock Carts of the age of Mohandasji are placed here in Balaji Mandir premises.
    • Gudavadi Shyam temple : This temple is one kilometer away from Salasar